Modern Slavery Act Transparency


Amicus Therapeutics UK Limited (Amicus "UK") makes this statement pursuant to section 54 Part 6 of the U.K. Modern Slavery Act of 2015 and it sets out the steps Amicus UK have taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in its supply chain and businesses. It covers Amicus UK's financial year from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

Our business

Amicus UK is a subsidiary of Amicus Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: FOLD) which is a global, patient­dedicated group of companies focused on discovering, developing, and delivering medicines for people living with rare genetic and metabolic disorders ("the Amicus Group").

Amicus UK's supply chain is comprised mostly of (i) suppliers of direct materials (active ingredients, manufacturing and packaging materials) and (ii) suppliers of indirect services (professional services, facilities, sales, and marketing agencies and clinical research organisations).

From our internal risk assessment, we consider the risk of modern slavery, trafficking and / or human rights violations in our operations to be low. Nevertheless, we undertake a series of measures to continually raise awareness and enhance our programme. Should any concerns be identified, we will take targeted remedial and/or preventative action, as appropriate.

This statement is made by and relates to Amicus UK only.


Our Code of Conduct is the guide to our culture and values. The Code was updated in 2021 to include our mission focused behaviours which are: innovation, mission, performance, and integrity. The Code is a critical document that explains our broad values and our commitment to a culture of compliance.

The Code of Conduct and Compliance Programme, along with other policies and standard operating procedures, contain multiple provisions that help to combat modern slavery, forced labour, and human trafficking, specifically:

Code of Conduct Section 3.3

  • Commits all Amicus Group companies, including Amicus UK, to never using child or forced labour and establishes that should we become aware of suppliers who violate these principles, we will terminate our relationship with them as their association with us is a reflection on our ethics.
  • Affirms that upholding human rights is a direct reflection of our commitment to ethical business practices and that Amicus Group is committed to providing all associates with fair and competitive wages in exchange for high performance conducted with high integrity.
  • Sets out that we comply with the wage and labour laws of every country in which we operate and will never use child or forced labour in our operations.

Compliance Programme

  • Amicus Group's compliance and ethics programme requires that Amicus UK employees receive training on and must adhere to the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct and the written policies and training programmes that support it, are designed to create a culture of ethics and integrity and to facilitate compliance with the laws of all jurisdictions in which Amicus UK operates.


  • All Amicus Group and Amicus UK employees are advised to speak up if they have reason to believe anyone we work with is violating our Labour Practices, using child labour, or forced labour.
  • Amicus Group's Compliance programme provides relevant training and multiple channels of communication through which Amicus UK employees, contractors, and business partners can report concerns regarding potential misconduct (including directly or through Amicus' Hotline ("Speak Up!") or website).
  • Anonymous reports can be made through our Global Hotline. All our toll-free hotline numbers are easily accessible on the front page of our intranet. Employees and contractors may also make a report electronically through the Hotline's web-portal. Amicus Group and Amicus UK take violations of our Code and the law very seriously. All allegations of wrongdoing will be promptly and thoroughly investigated without fear of retaliation.

Global Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy

  • Amicus Group and Amicus UK does not solicit, accept, offer, promise, or pay bribes - whether directly or through a third party. This is vital to maintaining the trust of our employees, of the patients we serve, and of the customers and partners with whom we work.

Written Agreements

  • At Amicus UK, we contractually require the individuals and companies we hire to fully comply with all applicable local laws and regulations in all their activities on our behalf as well as the right to audit and visit any site to review the services provided by our vendors and suppliers.

Due Diligence Processes

Amicus UK Employees

  • All employees who work for Amicus UK are background checked, having their identity, qualifications and previous work history verified as a condition of employment. We abide by the requirements of the UK Border Agency and verify employees' right to live and work in the UK. Regular audits are made of employees who have only a temporary right to remain. Amicus UK ensures that all employees are paid at minimum in accordance with National Minimum Wage legislation.

Ongoing and Future Efforts

During 2021-22, we are taking the following measures to detect and prevent modern slavery and other labour rights violations:

  • A Modern Slavery compliance programme [including vendor due diligence questionnaires] to encompass all the Amicus Group companies' activities around the world.
  • Introduction of a Modern Slavery policy
  • Developed training materials for key Amicus UK employees and contractors to raise awareness about Modern Slavery and Forced Labour Practices.
  • Standardise our contract clauses that sets out our standards on modern slavery prevention with our vendors and suppliers.
  • Designate an International Leadership team member as responsible for our Modern Slavery compliance programme.

This Statement has been approved by the Board of Directors of Amicus Limited of Amicus UK as of 07 December 2021

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